It's a hot morning. I head off with two cameras slung around my neck, along the dusty river road (as opposed to the Nerrigundah mountain road which leads to the Swamp Trail and the Nerrigundah Ridge orchids.)

The road is a reminder of two histories: the older dairying history of the area and my personal history here, stretching back only forty years. I enjoy the heat and the slow pace of walking and remembering. I often used to walk greater distances through the bush than I do now, and Cheese Factory Road was one of my returning-home routes. When we first came here, close to the Old Hall Bridge there was a tumbledown school house, since burnt down, and a barn where our neighbour used to store his hay .

Land has been subdivided since then, and there are more neighbours, interesting letter boxes, and strong views about decisions of the NSW state government to allow hunting in national parks.















As requested by one of my blog followers, the meaning of place names in this post. But beware! There's often a range that arouses suspicion of accuracy.

Nerrigundah: place of many berries

Eurobodalla: a place of many boats; land of many waters; small haven for boats; anglers' heaven. (Take your pick, Jo.)