Narek exhibition: Wendy Fairclough

I think this is the most puzzling exhibition I've ever seen. As I walked in, I saw this in the corner of the old church exhibition space.


First thought: the gallery owner is halfway through a gallery mop. In fact, the mops are made with intricate craftsmanship from hand blown glass and cast aluminium and cost $8000. The question I need to answer is “Why bother?”

Perfect replica is not answer enough.


This is cast lead crystal, and sets you back $4800, ancient ironing board included.

And then there are the fibre glassed reinforced concrete bowls and cast lead crystal bottle ($8500)



Mystification continues as utilitarian objects appear transformed by a complex process into their cast lead crystal alter ego. I begin to see beauty in the colour and the transparency and the shaping, despite my incomprehension of the how and continuing incomprehension of the why.










Now that I've assembled the images like this, I'm drawn to their beauty: the colour, the intricate texturing, the arrangement into still lifes, the anything-but-mundane tribute to the tools of everyday trades. I begin to see beyond mere replication.