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Photos taken by Rosemary Barnard, old friend and companion in a prowl around Bodalla: the second one of the Catholic Church, framed by the big tree; and the close-up of the St Francis stained glass window.

View of Bodalla countryside from All Saints

Bodalla is a village on the highway, nine kilometres from Potato Point. It began European life as the dairy estate of Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, a pioneer in large-scale cheese making and refrigeration. It’s bracketed by two churches: the shingle-walled Catholic church designed by Horbury Hunt; and All Saints, the Anglican Church designed by Edmund Blacket, and built from granite quarried a few kilometres down the highway. The organ in All Saints was made by Henry Willis and Sons of London, a preeminent British organ-builder. Both architects are famous in Australia, and it’s a bit of a treat to have two such churches in a very small town

Catholic Church

All Saints Anglican Church

Inside All Saints