Spiny-head mat rush Lomandra longifolia





Lilac lily Schelhamerra undulata




Branching grass flag: Libertia paniculata (?)





Scarlet pimpernel: Anagallis arvensis (not a native)



Coastal wattle Acacia sophorae (?)




A small plant growing in the sand. My local ID book doesn't cover such plants, and a beauty in the library is reference only and out of print.




Furry nightshade Solanum densevestitum



Spear grass tree Xanthorrhea resinifera (?)

Can you spot the flower? In full bloom the flowers are thick all the way up the spike and a great treat for bees. This one's growing in the bush, not the Botanical Gardens.




Two species: one a small bush; the other, with bigger flowers, a vine






Donkey orchid Diuris sulphurea (?)