Usually Tarougra Lake (at the north end of Dalmeny Beach just below Jemisons headland) and the sea are separated by a thick wide sandbar, stretching unrocky in a hump that hides all but a sliver of ocean when you look east from lake level. After the wild weather, the landscape is very different – sand cliffs, exposed ridges of rock, tea-coloured streams splitting around the rocks and meeting incoming waves in an upheaval of amber and white. In the distance is Gulaga.


Looking towards the opening to the sea


Across the sand cliffs to Gulaga


Looking back into the lake


Through exposed rocks to the sea


Lake meets the sea



Looking across exposed rocks back to the lake


Across what's left of the sandbar to the sea


Looking across the opening to the sand cliffs and Gulaga


Across sea debris and back up to the lake


Looking towards Gulaga across the opening from the track back to the headland