Yesterday morning I whizzed out to the bush block to visit the snake orchid, Cymbidium suave, spotted by my weekend companion just off the track where Big Rock Road meets Bullocky's Hut Road. There were a number of clumps: one at ground level already feasted on by a prowling macropod, and two high in trees beyond the reach of geriatrics who are no longer eager to climb ladders to photograph orchids. However, a stump at crouch level was filled with strappy leaves and a flourish of creamy-green flowers, with their maroon-splotched throats and pink blush on the underside of the petals.

The morning light was a bit glary, and I hadn't yet spent five hours at a photography workshop, aimed at moving me beyond CIM (Complete Idiot Mode) – which is apparently how I have taken all the photos on this blog. I'll try for more expert photos at the weekend, if the wallaby hasn't beaten me to it.








If you want to see what not-so-geriatric ladder-climbers found high in a casuarina, look at

http://morselsandscraps.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/tongue-orchid-or-thumbnail-orchid-dockrillia-linguiformis/ (these photos mostly taken by JRM, although I too climbed.)

For other Eurobodalla orchids, you can peruse a gallery at