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And what an end! The longest walk. The most creeks. The most dwellings. The most flies. Things that curl and hang. Tennis court, shelter shed and a mud brick loo. Tall tall trees. Wisps of cloud low down on the hills. A busy fluttering of butterflies – rich brown with orange eye splotches on the lower wing; orange and black; white with green dots; a deep mauvey-grey; black with white patches. A reprise of trigger plants, ferns, wattle, dianellas, tree ferns, honeysuckle, mint bush, kangaroo grass. My only encounter with territorial dogs.

I push on across a couple of fords over Gulph Creek, disturbing a family of ducks. And there is Nerrigundah. A fire shed. A hedge of wild roses. An old house that was once a shop. And my goal: a monument to a policeman shot by a bushranger in the days when this minimalist village was a thriving gold mining town. The clouds lower and turn deep grey, spots of rain spatter my specs, and a confetti of leaves swirls down in the rising wind. It's a long way back to the car and I'm fading, but the River Road Project is about to have a rousing climax.


My fly swat draped, with thanks, in the fork of a eucalypt













Your chance to enjoy my world in the real world!



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And a challenge. What do you think the climax might be?