A visit from HeyJude of http://smallbluegreenflowers.wordpress.com/ would have been incomplete without a trip to the local botanic gardens. I love the way visitors from away drive you to lovely places near home that you rarely visit. The last time I popped into the gardens (with another visitor) was fairly recent, but foreshortened by heat and fatigue. Before that, there was a tortured excursion with two reluctant grandchildren who very wisely wanted to be in the surf, not wandering a bleached landscape on a blazing day with parents and grandma. And before that, I’d occasionally nick down in my lunch hour for a quick hike down the rainforest trail.

The visit with Jude was on a cool grey day, perfect for photography. After a wander through flowers we ate lunch with cheeky blue wrens perching on the plate, and then walked through the beautifully laid-out Arboretum. There, eucalypts announced their identity with unmistakable labels that hadn’t receded into the undergrowth, or been plonked down where they didn’t belong. I’m not very good at ID, but I do know the difference between a geebung and a grevillea: the signage amongst the flowers on the Sensory Trail didn’t appear to.