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When Paula who lives in Zagreb, and online at https://bopaula.wordpress.com/, expressed a desire to travel to Queensland with me, I decided to take her along in my mind. I had lot of ground to cover, well over 1000 kilometres: from Blacktown in Sydney, to Newcastle, through Gloucester, Walcha, Glen Innis and Tenterfield to Stanthorpe, and then through Boonah and Beaudesert to Tamborine, if you like a litany of place names. The company was very welcome.

These are the things I saw with her:

The orangey bark of angopheras

Fields of white daisies with yellow centres

Steep mountains in folds one behind the other, stretching in a line south

Forests spilling down mountains, with patches of rainforest in their groins

A small town boasting of its Tidy Towns awards, and advertising a brick-throwing festival

Broadwater railway station painted a slightly more saturated angophera colour

The great granite cliff faces around Girraween National Park

Densely clouded skies, cut by thin flashes of lightning

The border of Queensland, marked by a huge cut-out train

My daughter's house: dogs, cats and five alpacas

Patchworks of cultivated land out of Warwick

Mist hanging heavy from the mountains near Cunningham's Gap

My son's house amongst palms and my two most beloved senior grandchildren


I hope you enjoyed the journey, Paula




Em, named after Emmaline Pankhurst, rescued after she was dumped on the highway in a storm


Loki, named for the trickster of Norse mythology