I don't know whether I should do this. I was just settling in to a rich life on the South Coast, when I left it for a month. I relish and mourn the things I'm missing.

Cheese-making at a friend's place

Are you free for a Greek day at my place with Greek music and coffee as we make feta and Haloumi? We are not experts but I think we can pull this off. We will start about 10.00 Wednesday, go all day and finish about 4 pm. There is a lot of sitting around to do apart from sterilising, thermometer watching and chatting.



A book launch at my favourite bookshop

This author has already written a fascinating book about wombats, and one about the Wollemi pine. (have you seen the caged Wollemi Pine in Zagreb Botanic Gardens, Paula?)




Fibre and textile art exhibition

I love the diversity and skill showcased in this annual exhibition, and the Mechanics Institute is a great venue.

EFTAG presents its annual fibre and textile art exhibition


Mechanics Hall, Moruya Dec 13th to 21st

Open daily from 10 am to 4pm

Official Opening

6 pm 12th December

Don't miss this! Quality, variety, imagination, inspiration …. yet another fantastic display of work by EFTAG members …

just in time for Christmas!


An ABCOpen workshop


I've done workshops like this before. The presenter is excellent and interesting. She's returned to work after having a baby who spent a fair part of his early babyhood sailing off the Queensland coast. I would enjoy exploring family traits, especially since I'm spending so much time with half my family. But I can't do both.