Yabbara Beach is the next beach north from Duesburys Beach. It’s about 25 kilometres from where I’ve lived for forty years, and this is my first visit. How I neglect what’s closest to me! Dog and dog-carer deposit me near a bus shed where a sign warns of rough surf, rips and currents and deep holes and gutters. These aren’t a threat to me because I never swim.

I cross the bicycle track, and walk across the undulating sand through low-lying dune wattle. Small humps of sand are topped by sprawling mauve beach flowers. Vegetation spills down the hill topped by twisted trunks. I head towards the rocky area at the south end, encouraged by Saturday’s photo-haul amongst the Duesburys rocks and eager to capture differences.

The tide is low and I walk through rocky outcrops on tongues of hard sand towards a chunky prominence, past a couple of individual rocks that could well be sculptures. My rough-ground leg-certainty is coming back to me: although this is very easy terrain, it’s a long time since I’ve rockhopped. My camera gobbles up rock patterns as I walk round below the headland cliffs onto Duesbury’s Beach, where a pack of surfers head out into the waves off the rocks and lounge around a beach tent. Half way along the beach is a very handsome black and white dog spurting sand up from the hole he’s digging, and chasing a ball down to the waterline.



This post is justified by a comment from Jude at https://smallbluegreenwords.wordpress.com/ As soon as she said she liked the textures in ‘Honeycomb, rock patterns ….’ I felt entitled to indulge my photo-obsession for such things.

A question for weird Jo at https://restlessjo.wordpress.com/ Can you spot the winged horse? Or a dog with a collar?

For Gilly at https://lucidgypsy.wordpress.com/ : more rocks with blue streaks.