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I thought I'd seen all there was to see in my daughter's yard when I posted the first lot of photos. How wrong I was. I'd missed the woodpile that dwindles as it keeps us warm; the canoe that doubles as a table for the alpacas; the cartoon on the wall of the loo; a bench occupied by a blue bucket; the griffin with creepy eyes; the very pink pig whose lurid pink will never fade to subtle beauty; the decaying pushbike layered with dust, rust and cobwebs; the dog lounge with its prayer flags; the slab of faceted quartz; the magnificent crooked-nailed gate patterned green, orange, white and yellow with lichen or is it moss? or fungi?



And for you, Jo, something battered but almost qualifying as pretty: my Stanthorpe yard shoes, a Vinnie's purchase that has served both my daughter and me, as well as the original owner.