The cria is now three weeks old. In the course of that time I've had a crash course in camelid behaviour. The thing that the first photo demonstrates is their desire to hang about together, and rumps appear in all the photos, not far away. Bruce, the senior male alpaca / llama hybrid, is in a separate yard, and he becomes quite distressed if he can't see the rest of the herd as they graze in the house garden. The junior male, Boo, is a bully: the other day he actually spat at the tiny one, who was just going about its business of investigating everything, including big brother. Apparently mating is a social event too.

Like all active small things the cria – who will probably have a name by his fourth Sunday: my daughter returns on Thursday – is hard to photograph: as soon as you focus it runs off or at least changes position. Yesterday, when the herd was startled it led the charge to the middle garden.