I never know where my blogging mind will take me. How on earth did I think of pursuing the history of art through cows? Blame my attempt to defuse Damien Hirst’s cows in silicone and acrylic with William Robinson’s humorous cows after an art workshop in Stanthorpe. That was the genesis. Then I saw another cow in Artonview as I auditioned the articles for disposal. This cow was created by Linde Ivimey in 2001 out of steel armature, cotton fibre, fowl and cow bones, ostrich egg, ostrich feathers, string and earth.


Suddenly I wanted to investigate the cow in art, not because I have a particular affinity with cows, but because they seemed to be pouring out of artists everywhere I looked.

I embarked on a long journey; Lascaux cave paintings, Neolithic carvings, Egyptian murals, landscape art, expressionists, impressionists, Croatian naive art, cubists, abstract artists, pop artists, sculpture, photography, street art, children’s art. You name a movement or a medium: there was a cow.

So here you have it. A slightly demented and definitely idiosyncratic history of art in cows.

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