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Some more growing things from my neck of the woods, mostly tiny but not trifling. You’ll have seen a few before, so this is revision! I’ve also begun to pay a bit of attention to habit, so there are some photos that show what previously encountered flowers are attached to. Some of the photos (the male flower-spikes of the casuarina, the devils of the hakea, the berries of the boobialla) are different manifestations of plants I’ve already introduced you to.

The triumph of this collection, though, are the flowers of the mangrove. J spotted them between the road and the inlet, as we were returning home from time travel to the late Cambrian at Shelly Beach.

The habit and flourishing of Daviesia ulicifolia

More large-leafed bush pea for Tish

Glycine vine (?)

Billardiera scandens: appleberry

Male flower spikes of casuarina: Hibbertia – flowers, bush and buds

Hakea: beaked fruit (aka devils)

Flowers of native grasses: Lomandra longifolia and Lomandra multiflora

Lichen on ancient rocks

Boobialla berries and fading pittosporum flowers

Flowering grey mangroves: Avicennia marina variety australasica