Another Sunday, another slither down a terrifyingly steep track, littered with loose rocks this time. The motivation: a deserted beach with a rocky pinnacle which I desperately want to get close to. This geology fascination is taking over my life.

The sea is dense blue, the air warm, even in the gloomy shadow of the towering vertical cliffs. J rock-clambers to the next beach, but I'm feeling a bit wobbly-legged and don't tackle it. We haven't read a geological account of this beach, so we're free to look and speculate, rather than search for documented features.

By the time I crawl back up the track, I'm ready to just sit. I watch the waves roar in and explode in a mountain of spray on the rocks at the headland, and in spurts all the way up the coast as far as I can see. The sea is huge, but it doesn't daunt a pair of dolphins who surf their way the length of the beach.