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… what I find beautiful?

Mostly, it would have to do with nature, although I can be inveigled into finding beauty in art and architecture. It seems, from the photos that have made their way into my “miscellaneous beauty” folder that patterns feature a lot in my pantheon, as does the delicacy of dead things. Cruz is beautiful in his general dogginess, and in his totally enviable capacity to leap, sure-footed, from rock to rock. Shade is beautiful, and becoming more so as the weather hots up. Rock pools and their denizens are beautiful: in this case the striped tentacles of a sand anemone. And just look at the scales of the blue tongue lizard, gliding unconcerned by my presence beside a beach track.



Then of course there are the beauties you can't photograph. The touch of sun and breeze on bare skin after it's been incarcerated in clothes all winter. The abrasion of sand between your toes and the swirl of sea around your ankles.

And the whale, just offshore, announcing itself first by a mere puff, followed by a tall thin vertical flipper and a mighty thumping tail, and climaxing its performance with a leap revealing a gleaming silvery-white belly.


This post was prompted by Gilly's “I wonder …” post