This post is to wish Jo a happy birthday, and to say thank you for the many pleasures her blog has given me.

Choose your favourite piece of glassware, Jo. I can afford to give it to you in cyberspace!


After lunch with my brother-in-law at an Asian restaurant where the background music was Love letters in the sand, I visited Canberra Glassworks. It is situated in the repurposed Kingston Power Station, the first permanent building in the national capital, constructed in 1915. The tower of glass and light by Warren Langley is a reincarnation of the original brick chimney, expressing the two uses of the building.



Inside, I browsed the shop, light captured in glass.



The pièce de resistance was a glass scarf, floating and light, crafted by Kirstie Rea.



Then I visited the workshop where all this beauty and light was created – a sparse business-like area, with the glow of furnaces and the intentness of handling heat and fragility. For an hour I watched two young women shaping glass from a blob to an elegant long tube.



And then, when they cut it from the handling pole … it fell to the stained concrete floor, and smashed to smithereens.