To find a perfect Cymbidium suave (snake orchid) head up Bullocky's Hut Road until it joins Big Rock Road on its journey to the highway. As you get out of the ute, look up and to your right and you'll see a stunning arrangement by Ma Nature (thanks Gilly!) in the fork of a dark old tree: seven sprays spilling down the trunk. Photography is a problem if you want to get the whole composition, because you have to look up into the glare of the sky. The best shots involved J standing precariously on the slightly shattered milk crate he uses to carry the night's supply of firewood, while I held an ineffectual hand at the ready in case the whole edifice tumbled.






Nearby is a far more accessible plant of equivalent size, artistically placed against a splotched grey trunk, but a wallaby or a wombat has been a feasting on the flower sprays and there are only two left. The remaining thick buds don't have much chance of reaching flowerhood.




I know I over-posted on snake orchids last year, but this display was irresistible, and it's not the same plant as any of those of 2014.