And especially so since Paula is back from extended absence from blogging. Today's challenge asks for something that changed the original aspect of a place.

Recently, on a steamy afternoon, my companion insisted I accompany him to the top of a mountain. I set off, grumbling to myself emphatically “I don't want to do this. I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS!”

The path was no incentive. Dense shoulder high thistles curved over it, threatening maybe-snakes, maybe-tripping-over. J is much fitter than me, and he was soon out of sight. I persevered. At a rest stop I heard a sound like a two-stroke engine starting up, and began to feel a bit mellower even though I couldn't spot the koala making this strange sound.

The path became wider – and steeper, but somehow this didn't matter anymore. When I finally reached the trig station at the top I had a panoramic view out over country we'd been traversing for the last few days, and a chance to sit and soak it up. Suddenly thistles seemed insignificant.