Paula's b&w Sunday challenge this week usually goes against my practice, as it usually does against hers. She says “Surreptitious photography is challenging, but it may have its rewards like ending up with really candid shots, or it can have undesirable effects such as being beaten up.”

I've had two surreptitious photos waiting for posting for a while, one taken in Częstochowa of three women in fur hats and coats chatting at the pedestrian crossing on my first foray out of Warsaw in 2012. They caught my eye particularly, because I was feeling deprived of such chattiness after five months in a world where everyone spoke Polish. That photo I can't seem to track down.

The one I could find was captured at the end of 2014 when I was taking fellow blogger Jude on a whirlwind tour of the south coast during her brief stay at my place. We visited the Blue Pool at Bermagui, and looked down on these three women, also chatting companionably. This time I did not feel deprived: Jude and I had been talking non-stop ever since we met. I took the shot from high above the sea pool, vivid green that day despite its name, with the blue Pacific behind it.



My preference I think is still for colour, although the black and white one does focus attention on the circle of women within the circling water, without distraction. Here's the original, both cropped and uncropped.