Be warned

This post contains images and a video of a snake which some (overly timid!) readers may wish to avoid


As I drink my morning coffee and J washes up, the diamond python begins his serpentine journey back to the guttering, and hence to his daytime home in my roof. This time, I’m involved in nothing more important than a coffee, so I whizz out with the camera to record his passage. It’s fine while he’s on the balustrade, and I get close enough to touch him (which I don’t do) as his tongue flickers in and out navigating his way back to the lattice. The sun shines on his gleaming black and gold pattern. At one point he senses my presence and stops, oscillating his head to figure out what’s invaded his journey. As he weaves his way back up the lattice the jealous sun positions itself behind the competition, ensuring that I can only photograph sunflare.