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When I was in Warsaw, I determined to join DesleyJane at musingsofafrequentflyingscientist in an intriguing challenge called RegularRandom, once I returned to my leisurely life at Potato Point. To meet that challenge you need to spend five minutes with one object and photograph it in a variety of ways.

My back deck offers many possible subjects. A tumble of shells on the glass table, emptied out of a dish to remove mosquito-breeding water. A python skin shed by my resident python and not yet dried out enough to lift and drape around the neck of the china goat on my chiffonier. The ragged covers of the deck chairs. The spectacularly rusty stand for the deck umbrella. A clothes drying rack with an apron in recovery from the outfall of a rotten potato in my vegetable rack.

It’s the clothes rack I decide to focus on, with its lines of raindrops, colourful pegs and the black and white check of an apron that belonged to one of my beloved aunts.

This post celebrates two things. Drying washing outside, after a year of indoor drying – always supposing the rain stops.  And the power of photography to capture a moment that won’t return. By the afternoon, the rain drops have disappeared and the clothes horse becomes merely mundane and functional.