Australia’s been going a bit star-mad last week, thanks to a Brian Cox series called “Stargazing”. He settled down at the Siding Springs telescope near the Warrumbungles National Park in the central west of NSW …

… and for three nights took us far out into space and far back in time. I could have done without the games-showy flavour of some of the presentation, and I could have done with a lot more of the serious information. But I had no objection to peering deep into the Milky Way: seeing the wonderful patterns of Jupiter and its rings: looking closely at our moon, and Saturn and its moons: watching asteroids speeding through the sky: and being present at the discovery of a solar system not known three days before. A mechanic and amateur astronomer from Darwin was acknowledged for his volunteer part in crunching data to identify the new solar system and promised his name on a scientific paper.

As we raced through images of space I indulged in screen dumps, trying to domesticate cosmic incomprehension in the aesthetics of patterns and colour.