My tibouchina nuzzles the corner of my back deck. It’s just beginning its explosion into purple: when it’s completely out I’m bathed in a purple haze. It seems almost wicked to play around with black and white, but I was startled by the definition such playing gave to the leaves. My son desanding his feet after a surf adds a human dimension.

My inspiration for this post is Desley’s weekly challenge, RegularRandom. She asks you to spend five minutes with one subject and photograph it in as many ways as possible. For far more expert and technical takes on this challenge have a look here.

I can’t resist breaking rules – little ones of course. So my final photo was taken the next day, well outside the five minutes allowed, against an irresistible blue sky. Although, now I come to think of it the five minutes don’t have to be sequential – do they? Four minutes one day: one the next? I’m obviously a practitioner of casuistry.