Birds have been one of the joys of my return home. This currawong, unlike the brown pigeon who likes my front deck, wasn’t at all perturbed when I stepped out the door. He was pecking away at the water on the table, and then hopped up onto the railing to scrutinise the pink sheet I was desperately trying to get dry between showers. Eventually he was joined by three mates in the bottlebrush, who tilted their heads sideways, looked knowingly at me, sang their beautiful song, and flew away. My son tells me they sometimes go into his room to steal the dog food.

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For currawong song, listen to this. Not my video, but absolutely my experience the day of the RegularRandom shoot.

My inspiration for this post is DesleyJane’s weekly challenge, RegularRandom. She asks you to spend five minutes with one subject and photograph it in as many ways as possible. For far more expert and technical takes on this challenge have a look here. I haven’t been very experimental – it was enough of a challenge to find a willing avian subject.