My life, even my photographic life, seems to be turning to birds. There’s my front deck brown pigeon, who although camera shy made himself available for one reluctant photo (posted in Hotchpotch 2). There’s the back deck currawong and mates, featured in a previous RegularRandom, a bit edgy but photographically available. And now there’s a kookaburra, who isn’t shy at all. He perches on a horizontal branch of my callistemon – kookaburras love horizontals as much as I do – and waits for me to fetch the camera. He sits there within arm’s reach while I lean on the deck rail and click away. When I say “Look straight at me”, he does. I’ve never seen a kookaburra so close, or amongst the rich bird life of my garden. He’s a youngster, I think, from the slight fluffiness of his belly feathers, and hasn’t yet learnt wariness. But then my son tells me he saw a Mafia family of seven at Blackies where he surfs, raiding cake from his mate’s hand, so maybe kookaburras aren’t wary birds whatever their age.

This post is linked to Desley’s RegularRandom challenge, where you’ll find how much photographers can do in five meagre minutes.