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This is an experimental shoot. I’ve been having a hate-hate relationship with my iPhone’s capacity to take photos, but this attempt seems to have worked. Maybe because I used CameraPlus on macro and took my time. The snake skins are twined around a white china goat on a restored chiffonier, both inherited from a special aunt. My resident python has shed the skins over a number of seasons: in the ceiling, retrieved for me by the white ant man; on the deck, still lying there embedded by weather; and near the gate leading from the back yard where it (I’ve met it, but have been hesitant to sex it, which involves probing its cloaca) has used the latticed wire to help it shed. 

Once I have the photos, I spend a lot more than five minutes playing with them, firstly cropping, and using Structure in Snapseed.  Then I discover the magic wand of Effects in LiPix and have great fun playing with it. Humour me! 

The first lot are as they left LiPix: the second lot are double Structured in Snapseed: the third lot are double Structured and then Sharpened in Snapseed. 

If you want to see a couple of pythons inhabiting their skin, you can follow these links




Thank you again to Desley for this inspiring challenge. I don’t know whether I’m actually fulfilling technical requirements, but I’m certainly having fun. Everywhere I look I see things I want to spend five minutes with.