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I return to the Mystery Bay kink zone, this time with my co-neophyte-geologist, who is much better at it than me, although his understanding is also in its infancy. We prowl amongst the rocks, gingerly, because his adductor muscle still hasn’t healed itself, doing more speculating than knowing.  

After a picnic just like the ones we used to share pre-Warsaw, we explore the car parks of Mystery Bay, looking for an elusive boat ramp. We don’t find it, but we do come across new picnic grounds: gazebo with tables, gas barbecues, mowed lawn, a loo of course (worth commenting on after the dearth in Warsaw), and an irresistible invitation to spend five minutes with an elegant fungus that has attached itself to a tree root. It is fresh and large, gills white, top a rich array of velvety browns. The grass is dry and soft so it’s easy to lie flat on my face and poke the lens up into the gills, wishing yet again I’d brought my old camera with its superior close-up capacity. Note to self: Put the bloody thing in the car!

This is my attempt to meet DesleyJane’s irresistible RegularRandom challenge. This week she sets the standard with 5 Minutes with pens.