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The elk horns are the ones with strappy leaves: the staghorns with the rounded leaves. The spectacle of them combined  demanded to be photographed – not once, but three times, with three different cameras, 5 minutes each. Each photo shoot yielded something different, the best being from my old camera, partly because it’s a miracle worker with close ups, and partly I suspect because the other sessions had trained my eye to notice more and more details, confirming my conviction that you photograph best what is most familiar. I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of the photos, but not with what they show.

My Sony cyber shot cult camera

My iPhone 4

My old 3 megapixel Konica Minolta

This post is inspired by DesleyJane’s irresistible RegularRandom challenge. This week she lavishes her 5 minutes on the perfection of flowers. I needed her skill to pay homage to my subject.