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I would like to make a haiku out of what touches my life, what my eyes see, ears hear, what my heart speaks to myself in a strong voice… I want to sketch things that left an impression in the depth of my soul.

from ”A Letter Written In Daybreak, 1922” – by Sugito Hisajo (1890~1946)

Suzanne quoted this in her “on the road” prompts: it’s presumptuous of me to think this post is in any way achieving what Sugito Hisajo hopes for, but the prompt was in my mind as I walked again along Handkerchief and Nangudga beaches.

On this beach walk, my eye is caught by subtle things. Water ripples and sand ripples and tiny leavings along the tideline: shell grit, seaweed, feathers, leaves. A landscape scribbled in dark and light sand. Things that are miniscule, indefinite, elusive, delicate, indistinct. Minimal things. 

Things that don’t require my mind to journey back 500 million years.