My daughter has a mixed bag of alpacas. The two that caused us so much grief a few years ago are now happily earning their keep as shepherds to a flock of sheep. JohnnyMay, the periscope on an icy Sunday morning two years ago, and the latest arrival who’s still suckling, are slated to go off to a place with holiday cabins to become petting animals. 

But for the moment there they are, 5 of them, gathering at the gate whenever I approach, crowding me as I peg out the washing. They are not skittish when I point the camera at them and they seem to me to have far more collective and individual personality than horses. They somehow encourage portraiture. Their charm is their curiosity and the way they approach me when I move onto their turf: it’s hard to resist, even if I can’t remember their names.

This is my last stashed RegularRandom post for DesleyJane’s challenge, where this week she features a modest yellow pansy, photographed with consummate skill.

Now I’ll have start seeking inspiration again: fortunately it’s never hard to find in this wonderful world..