Imagine this.

A spread of spotted gums, burrawangs and grazing wallabies. Early morning, sun raying lines in a grey sky as you reach the sea. North, a series of rocky coves. Step down a wooden staircase to explore them before the tide cuts you off. Big pebbles. Rocks stretching out into the sea. Strange vertical layers. Rough conglomerate. Extruding lumps. Light turning briefly golden.


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Then south across a sandy expanse. A pool, reflecting tall eucalypts. Flowering grasses. Lines of bluebottles marking the reach of the tide.

At the southern cliffs, a rock suite of orange, ochre, grey, white, beige, blushing pink. A drama of grey clouds and sun rays. A pair of pied oyster-catchers scuttling along the beach.


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Then back up the steps into a diagonal sky, and breakfast at Blue Earth with a most beloved senior granddaughter. So begins a 74th year.