For once I abide by the 5 minute rule. For once I don’t crop. For once I don’t saturate, brighten or sharpen. These flowers are as the camera saw them.

All thanks to yoghurt. I park illegally, waiting for J to grab a carton of yoghurt to use as starter in the brown pottery lidded container that belonged to my aunt: it sits on the back of his fuel stove on the wooden block where the winter python coils. He resists a mate’s long ago advice – one of those mates who has advice about everything, from cooking tripe to the best cleaning agent – to wrap it in an old woollen jumper, largely because he needs to wrap himself in the only old woollen jumper he owns. When it sets, we eat it droozled with leatherwood honey.

Back to the car park, where I’m in a “No parking” zone. My eye is captivated by these grevillea and I hop out to photograph them. J returns just as I finish, and points out that there’s a police car behind me. I briefly wonder whether there’s a new ordinance forbidding the appropriation of images of flowers owned by the council, but the police merely want to head south without doing an illegal u-turn.

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