Today my beloved Polish grandchildren turn an unbelievable 5. They are long and lean and fascinated by rockets and in Maja’s case her ability to “make a bridge” with her body: Jaś says “I can’t do that because my head’s too big.” Skyping has been my only contact since March. Sometimes we connect. Sometimes we don’t. Maja greeted us on one call, saying: “Not them again.” One Skype we didn’t see them at all because there was a man in the kitchen doing something with wires in the wall who plainly gazumphed Babi and Dziadek. For a while Maja only communicated via Mummy, but the last few times she’s talked directly to us. Jaś began by chatting away, but now disappears, once he’s finished breakfast. One session Maja refused outright to pay us any attention at all, and then emailed us a message.

What a journey it is birth to 5!

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