Today is International Women’s Day. This morning I joined an amazing collection of women, mostly strangers, at a breakfast organised by an old friend. We shared backgrounds and histories; we talked of changes from our grandmothers’ times till now; we brought with us into the room a woman who inspired, challenged or encouraged us. Mostly these women were women in public life: governor generals, politicians, writers, leaders of nations. I was proud to place my aunt, Minnie Frances Munro, in this company – a woman who was born, lived and died in the same house, but who lived with grace as a citizen of the world. She would probably have been horrified to be on public display in this way, but I needed to honour her, and to allow her to represent nameless women who live richly in what the world sees as obscurity.

One of the offerings on the table around the room was this poem by  Maya Angelou, “Still I rise”. Listen and be uplifted! Take it as my gift to my circle of wonderful women in the blogosphere.