The moral dilemmas one faces as a blogger! Once I’d been tempted to play around with effects and filters (using Lunapic) I knew I was lost. There was no way I was going to put the genie back in the bottle. And yet, once I transformed a tree shadow, I began to wonder. It was splendid without any fiddling and LucidGypsy’s quote from Satish Kumar confronted my desire to post mutations, especially tree-related. But, being a Scorpio, I rather fancied them. As with every moral dilemma I have ever faced, I remain ambivalent and go ahead and do it anyway. I’m hoping this excess will cure me of interfering with nature.

The tree before I interfered with it

Needlepoint and painted

Cartoon and newsprint

Equalise and painted

Implode and cartoon

Fire and water

Colour gradient and vignette border

Gradient (I think) and thermal

I’d love to hear rationales for this kind of transforming, and I’d also like to make a tally of favourite effects. So please vote!