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The prelude to this post is yet another confession of obliviousness to what’s on my doorstep. For ten years, Kelly Kershaw has been creating a garden on the outskirts of Bodalla, open at weekends, and I’ve only just registered it. On a warm Sunday morning, my last in Australia for a year, I finally went down the rutted track off the highway to visit. I had a long yarn to Kelly who gave me a graphic account of her surprise when she won the golden spade award from Gardening Australia and of the slow development of the garden and the bed and breakfast. She told me that the garden itself would guide me on the circuit around it as indeed it did.

The delights were many as I proceeded through the twelve hedge-created rooms, with far prospects over farmland and out to the mountains, and near prospects of the garden itself. Espaliered fruit trees; a small orchard of fig trees, all from the same parent; ceramic bowls of water; rusty iron butterflies and rabbits; old timber transformed; rock features; and a number of garden nooks with charming seats. The flowers were past their best as autumn encroaches. I’ll visit again in spring 2017.





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