Finally, I get around to weeding my deck herb-box and discover some extremely tenacious chives which have flourished through a year of neglect and a determined invasion by grass. As soon as I see the seed heads, I know I’ll be photographing them. And then I remember my veteran 3 megapixel camera which knocks the socks off my Sony cult camera when it comes to closeups. So I spend five minutes amongst the dew-damp leaves, leaning on the dew-saturated deck railings, to see what I can capture. I can’t even remember how to switch the camera on at first and then I forget to press macro, but eventually I get going. Here are the results: none of them have been post-processed except for a bit of  gentle cropping and the black and white conversion which saves a flawed photo. I play around a bit with early light: some photos are taken in my shadow, and the  sun rises slowly behind my callistemon as I photograph.

NB I didn’t count remistressing my gear in the five minutes DJ allows for her RegularRandom challenge. Go to her site to see what she and other contributors favoured with their attention this week, especially if you need dessert after a meal of chives.